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LINK-MI LM-SW301-Audio 3 Port HDMI Audio Extractor
1.Three HDMI inputs switch freely to one HDMI output.
2.Any input HD Source can do audio extract by the SPDIF or LR audio output port.
3.Support Full HD 1080P, Full 3D,4K*2K
4.Support ARC Function: Without adding one extra HDMI Cable, it can reverse the audio to the AV Amplifier by HDMI Cable connection with HD TV while the HD TV receives the audio and video content.
5.HDMI working in dual mode, can reduce the number of ports
6.HDMI to achieve the synchronization of audio signal separation. There are PASS /
2.0CH / 5.1CH three kinds of audio mode options
7.LED indication: when source or sink is working, LED related will go bright.
8.Support input up to 10metres using AWG26 HDMI standard cable length, output up to 15metres using AWG26 cable length
9.IR Remote can do switch to the Input sources, and also you can press the switch button at device to do switch of the Input Sources.
10.Led Status Light allows the user to know the working status easily.
11.No loss of quality
12.Installs in minutes
13.Need DC5V/1A power supply

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