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LINK-MI LM-EP57 4K HDMI+USB KVM Extender over IP / Fiber with POE
1. 4k UHD HDMI over IP/Fiber Extension
2. USB2.0 over IP extension
3. Support transmission distance 120m over single Cat5e/6 cable
4. Support Fiber optical up to 60KM (Single Mode)
5. Support input 4k@60hz YUV 420 (Max), output 4k@30hz (Max)
6. HDCP 2.2 / HDCP1.4 compliant
7. Support Bi-Directional Wide Band IR (38KHZ-56KHZ) Pass through
8. Support RS232 pass through and control, Telnet command
9. With IR remote/Button to control the Group ID, with LED to show the Group ID
10. Support Dolby True HD, DTS-HD Master Audio
11. Input audio: SPDIF 5.1 and L/R Stereo analog Line mixed
12. Output audio: SPDIF 5.1 and L/R Stereo Analog audio extraction
13. Support Unicast, Multicast, Video Wall system (Max 8x16), Output video Rotation
14. 10-Gigabit IGMP Ethernet Switch can be cascaded for many layers
15. 802.3af compliant POE, no need power supply when connecting with POE IGMP Switch
16. Support 3D
17. Support 5V-18V

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