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LINK-MI LM-TV04M TV splicing box
1.Products can be cascaded to achieve maximum 255 signal output.
2.The product uses the high definition processing chip, supports the 1080P signal input and the output.
3.The product is designed with infrared remote control and front panel buttons Remote control of the connector for a key shortcut control
and full function control, Can also transport through the RS-232 control, a more diverse work can be expanded.
4.Suitable for supporting 1 way VGA, 1 way DVI , 1 way USB, 1 way HDMI input,All input signals can be switched to the screen for splicing
5.Suitable for audio input and output, and support audio and video synchronization output.
6.Supporting any splicing screen to 180 degree flip.
7.Built in flying subtitle function, you can use the control software through RS-232 communication interface to the subtitles rolling
position, scroll speed, font size,Text color and background color settings.
8. Built in image zoom function, you can use the control software or remote control menu on the screen to enlarge, shrink, cut the image, etc..
9.Support border blanking technology, with out this technology blanking, the image will be the image appears on the visual pull; the image that has been processed by the border blankingDeformation, stretching, visual more natural.
10. Support USB access, insert the U disk can be directly decoded video, pictures, MP3, documents, etc.; no need to configure other front-end equipment, simple and practical.
11. Remote control support, infrared remote control can be completed on the processor the function of setting, switching and adjusting of the remote control system,the distance is up to 7 to 10 meters.

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