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LINK-MI LM-TV09S Irregular Video Wall controller
1. The remote control can be used to zoom in on any part of the input signal to the LCD screen display
2. A single machine can be customized to multiple outputs, each output is intercepted according to the different arrangement of the liquid crystal screen to display corresponding parts to the corresponding liquid crystal unit to form a personalized shaped mosaic, that is, irregular splicing (the screen can be placed discretionarily, at any interval position, and the size of the screen can be inconsistent)
3. Support irregular splicing for both vertical or horizontal when using a vertical screen rotator
4. Adding an arbitrary angle rotator(in developing) to the front end of the LM-TV09S profiled splicer can achieve more irregular splicing (multi-angle rotation profile splicing), such as tilting 45 degree / 30 degree splicing
5. LM-TV09S shaped splicer can freely mirror left and right for each LCD screen, mirror up and down you, and flip 180 degrees, so as to achieve personalized mirror stitching
6. The device is equipped with 1 channel HDMI, 1 channel VGA, 1 channel VIDEO, and 1 channel USB signal input. Users can select the input signal source according to their needs
7.Truly in/out modular design--- truly concept modular, in/out boards
8.All-format signal capture--- including composite video, VGA, DVI, HDMI etc
9.Fully-digital processing channel inside --- Built-in conversion for analog/digital, interlaced/progressive, resolution, aspect ratio and refresh rate.
10.individually supports 180° rotation
11.Easy maintenance--- suitable for all environment
12.Various control port---RS232, remote controller
13.HDCP compliant---HDMI 1.3, HDCP protection

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