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LINK-MI LM-WX500T HDMI/SDI wireless 500M,with TALLY system
1.Uncompressed 3G/HD/SD-SDI and HDMI transmission
Up to 1080p 50/60 uncompressed SDI&HDMI.
2.Less than 1 frame latency
There is no discernible video delay and you can use it as real time on-location monitoring.
3.Up to 2000ft transmission distance (Line of sight)
The transmission distance may be different, depend on surroundings, radio wave conditions, buildings block, etc.
4.Multicast support
Support one transmitter to multi receivers. User can set channel to pair the transmitter and receivers.
5.License free operation frequency
The wireless frequency is 5.1-5.9GHz and 2.4G ISM band, license free operated.
6.Built-in fan
TX side built-in high efficiency ventilation fan with very small noise.
7.Fan control
When the temperature is below 25℃TX side built-in fan will automatically shut down. User can manually turn off the fan when the temperature is higher than 25℃.
8.TX side temperature display.
User can get transmitter inside temperature in real time by TX side OLED display.
9.Manually transmission power adjust
In order to reduce mutual interference while using multiple set of products in a small environment. User can manually decrease the TX transmission power.
10.AES 128 Encryption
11.Front and rear TALLY indicator.
A 3.5mm JACK TALLY output for external Wrist(not provide, and maximum output current is 20mA)
12.6pin- LEMO connector for intercom system
13.All-Metal Shell
Both transmitter and receiver adapt metal shell which is durable and solid.
14.Simple connection
The wireless system is plug-and-play designed, without any software configuration.

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