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What is WHDI?
Date:2015-5-12 23:05:48

What is WHDI?- Wireless Home Digital Interface

Wireless Home Digital Interface ( WHDI ) is a consumer electronic specification for a wireless HDTV connectivity throughout the home, it revolutionizes the home multimedia experience by wirelessly delivering interactive HD Video from any device to any display.

WHDI Consortium

   WHDI Consortium was formed by Amimon, Hitachi, Motorola, Samsung, Sharp, Sony and LG Electronics in 2008. Its goal is to “ send video audio to all display devices wirelessly”. Not only the TV adapter, but also consider using WHDI embedded in a projector for meetings.

They are very responsible, developing the WHDI Standards, public education and promotion as well as the certification and compliance programmers required to ensure interoperability is maintained between all equipment whatever the manufacturer.

 Since then many companies joined WHDI as Adaptors and Contributors, now its members are all over the world.

WHDI Technology

   WHDI setting a new standard for wireless HD Video connection, provide a high-quality, uncompressed wireless connection. It using MIMO technology and OFDM modulation to come true the transfer rate up to 3Gbps. WHDI work at 4.9GHz-5.87GHz frequency bandwidth, 20MHz or 40MHz Channel, conform to worldwide 5GHz spectrum regulations, the range is within 30 meters, through walls, and latency is less than 1ms.

WHDI Standard

WHDI 1.0

   WHDI 1.0 was finalized in December 2009, its specifications are as below:

1. Enables full 1080p/60Hz HD With Deep Color at a distance of 100 feet and through walls

2. Leading standard for the wireless, Multi-room distribution of HD Video

3. HD Wireless Solution for all CE, PC and Mobile devices across the home quality , robustness and no latency

4. Video Data rates up to 3Gbps in a 40MHz Channel in the 5GHz unlicensed band

WHDI 2.0

1. Full 3D Support: in addition to all HDMI 1.4 required 3D modes, WHDI Will support the next generation 1080p 60Hzx2 3D format

2. WHDI-Wifi integration and same channel coexistence

3. Support for the next-generation 2Kx4K HD format with four times the resolution of 1080p (4,096 x 2,160 pixels)

4. Mobile device integration through reduced power consumption and footprint.


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